I know there have been many concerns with us, Life Learners, and questions about the academic route for our children who have not done an orthodox education so to speak and want to go on a scholastic path in the future. I may have just the solution for you.

*For those that are not familiar with the term Life Learning, please follow this link Life Learning is basically a branch of home-schooling. I encourage you to read the article as you will then gather some understanding of why I am so excited about this journey.

Last year my son discovered an online university called University of the People (UoPeople) which enrolled him into the University with just his GED qualification. Today I am going to talk a little about this university, why I have chosen to be one of the many Ambassadors for the university and how it is THE education revolution that fits in perfectly with my philosophy of education/life, my own financial standard of living, pedagogue and touch on a much more personal note.

Let’s tuck right in! University of the people is a tuition-free, distance learning, non-profit, online institution founded by entrepreneur Shai Reshef in 2009. The institute offers undergraduate and graduate degrees. Currently, the only programs they have are Associates Degree and Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Computer Science and Health Science with the addition of one Graduate Degree a Master’s in Business Administration. I truly believe that UoPeople will expand their horizons in future with the growing need of such universities that work on a global level. I have said this in my other posts, it does not make sense in the technological age that we live in, to be restricted to schools and campuses when we have information at our fingertips and UoPeople offers just that. I am not going to go into much more details about the UoPeople as there is way too much of information to share so I coax you to visit this link and navigate the easy website for more information. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or the university directly.

So why am I bragging about this University? The university itself encourages intrinsic learning which has given my son the opportunity to grow his education by studying Business Administration, something he is passionate about, which continues to evolve him through a philosophy he is already comfortable with, that is Life Learning.  He gets to meet people on a global scale that interact with him at his interest level thus developing more social skills by engaging with people of all ages. This is very much a trait that we are all used to as Life Learners; we take pride in being able to hold conversations with people no matter what their age is and this is exemplified on UoPeople’s educational platform.

He is 1 year away from getting his associates degree while he works on other opportunities that he wishes to use in his future endeavors and all this at the cost of just $100 per course. This was also great for my son who did not have much of a formal education and gives us Life Learners an opportunity (or hope) to let our kids still engage in the world of academics if that is the route that they choose. We can actually stop worrying and know that the GED works at UoPeople. The only unfortunate side is the programs are limited at the moment but as I already mentioned, I can only see this expanding in the future.

Now how did I come into the picture? Well, I looked at how the program was designed when he first started a year ago and thought, this is something that I think I may enjoy doing and so I applied to the university and they accepted my registration. The pedagogue spoke to me, because of the graded continuous assessment that takes place weekly that go towards your cumulative subject grade at the end of the course. I also get to write exams in the comfort of my own home without the added stresses that I have experienced in the past. Some courses are also proctored to ensure the authenticity of the exams which verifies the student and guarantees a standard that aligns with the accrediting agents.

I have very bad memories of distance learning and one of them is being kicked out of University of South Africa twice in my lifetime, simply because I never had the peer and instructor support that we have here. Being an anxious person, I also remember going into the Physics exam room and was so nervous that I got up and left after 10 minutes. But of course, this type of education was not possible 22 years ago and now that I have found a university that aligns with my own method of learning I am going for it.

End of the next term I will be 1 year with UoPeople and like my son, I am enjoying an education from the comfort of my own home (being an introvert too) and getting to engage with so many of my peers that come from all parts of the world and getting to know them and their culture in this process. This tears down the walls that we have put up in terms of boundaries for each country. It gives us the opportunity to communicate at a global level driving greater moments, to even possibly succeed academically at global altitudes. We also get to do this through a medium of common interests, that is, the common courses we take.  It is a very interesting, intriguing and an exciting journey, indeed.

Now, we all know that as Life Learners (homeschoolers) there is somewhat a trade-off when it comes to our lifestyle. Money! Most of our homes have one income that we live off or some have businesses from home to be able to compensate for time and the need to heed to the philosophy of Life Learning and sometimes these businesses may not do as well as we want them to do because we have chosen a path of learning through discovery rather than a monetary one. I would never have been able to join my son to study if it was not for the tuition-free part of the university, the affordability of it. I am able to further my education knowing that once I reach the stage of the fledglings leaving the nest, I would be in a viable position to pursue a working career again. I would not have been able to take 2 courses a term either if it was not for the generous scholarships offered by the partners of UoPeople. This also changes things drastically and puts education into the hands of the scholars in a way that we do not have to pay back exorbitant student loans accrued during the full time and part time studies because UoPeople is accessibly affordable.

As Life Learners some of us have been very well acquainted with the gifting society. This brings me to my next point. UoPeople is a non-profit organization that has the global world at heart. It has 6000 volunteers from all over the world who are qualified professionals in their fields to instruct and guide the students through each term.  In my opinion ‘Ubuntu’ does not get better than this, a great force of people who give back to society on such a global magnitude and do it with such grace and passion. Without these volunteers, it would not be possible to bring education literally to your fingertips with such an affordable and sustainable system. This right here aligns with everything that my soul has resonated with, since the beginning of my time on earth and my own personal journey in life.

**For those that do not know what Ubuntu means here is a Wikipedia link that has a great explanation

Just to re-cap and remind you, you are getting integrity, compassion, globalization, and academically driven career opportunities on a magnified global scale and so much more and the University is accredited and has partnered with some of the grander universities like New York University, University of Edinburgh, UC Berkley and Yale Law School ISP. It would be good to also add for my fellow South Africans that South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) recognizes the qualifications from UoPeople (you can actually email SAQA at to put your mind at ease)and UoPeople is also American accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) which can be viewed at this link UoPeople is certainly an Education Revolution and it certainly speaks my language for the future generations. NO, UoPeople is NOT a scam as some may believe that all this may be too good to be true.

On a much more personal level, it has ignited my passion for natural sciences again. At this age, I never for once thought that I would be pursuing a degree, alongside my son, that too. I may not end up becoming an astronomer as it was my childhood dream but I certainly have a passion for helping people, research, and the natural sciences. My journey of life has taken a different path since I started at UoPeople. I do see a Ph.D. in the future in possibly research Biology, maybe majoring in genetics. Who knows! The other possibility would be to combine my current skills as a writer and pursue a career in medical writing. I all of a sudden can see the world through a different set of lens and I found a purpose to exist again, after a traumatic experience in my life. If I may say so, it keeps the depression at bay and has made me feel great about myself again. I have a driving force to see this through, something I did not particularly have before UoPeople. From the kind and helpful Admissions staff, Administrative staff, my own Personal Program Advisor and the mostly helpful instructors that I have experienced it definitely makes me want to wake up every morning knowing that there are people out there that DO care and do want to see you get up and GO! UoPeople has contributed to my restoration in my faith in humanity again and certainly has rekindled my ambition for life keeping me motivated and headstrong.

Once again, if you have any questions regarding UoPeople, please do not hesitate to contact me or the university directly.

Visit our UoPeople Student Review page  to hear others brag about their experiences.



Unconditional Love, Respect and Trust for our Kids

I have wanted to tackle this topic for a long time and was finding ways to get to it without people getting the wrong message or even upsetting those that love their kids, as I have no doubt that we all parents love our children. Here we have another paradigm shift in thoughts moving away from the conditioning of the past and we faced with another cognitive dissonance. I challenge you to hear me out before jumping on the bandwagon of emotional reactions.

Before we continue, for those that have not read my introductory post on Life Learning, go here  This would give you a better understanding of the direction I am approaching the topic of Unconditional Love, Trust, and Respect.

If we look at the development of a child from in utero, we the mother [and father] take care of ourselves, make sure we are well-nourished and keep our baby safe from any harm by not risking harm to ourselves, but baby in utero develops naturally and learns basic instinctual stuff like thumb sucking in the womb, it is a reflex reaction. Baby is born and we continue with the unconditional love and give baby a safe environment, checking on her/him, changing diapers, feeding and nurturing, going on his/her demands and cycles (well not in all cases as a lot of parents have got schedules to feed their kids and right here is a great example of conditioning already taking place). And if you analyze this, babies bonding time is during feeding time mostly when newly born and we have already put a condition on this. Bonding equates to love, is how baby perceives it. Does this mean there is a schedule to the love and schedules are conditions?

Yeah, so we do this entire but then something changes as baby changes and grows and the demands may or may not get greater but then here is what we are conditioned as adults to believe; we are conditioned to believe that in order for our child to learn we need to start having conditions in place, like the way we had when growing up. We are led to ‘believe’ we taught our child to crawl, walk and talk which are reflexive reactions anyway, so we need to teach the child what to do when to do and how to do it.

Let us look at this term Unconditional Love: Unconditional love is known as affection without any limitations or love without conditions. This term is sometimes associated with other terms such as true altruism or complete love.(Wikipedia)

Now let us try to explore where this all started, the conditions on love and why I believe it is a wrong thing for parents to say “I love my kids unconditionally” as it is not a reflection of what we actually do. I think it starts with us, our own conditioning and what love supposed to look like. We may feel staying in an abusive relationship, as an example because it is ok to be beaten up, verbally abused and its likes and you deserve this so your love becomes conditions. He hits me because he loves me. I love him unconditionally so I stay with. How often do we get people saying “If you love me unconditionally then you will buy me……or cook me…… or come with me……?” Unconditional love starts with yourself; it starts with your own self-worth. Ok, so I am probably using quite a drastic example but every little expectation placed on someone daily is an act of conditional love being perceived as unconditional love because we were conditioned to believe this. You never know what love is, until you truly love yourself and then only you can truly love another.

Our kids start developing and they feel the love of their parents, but then parents start putting conditions on things and the baby/child starts wanting to please the parent as they equate it to if mom and dad are happy means I feel loved. It really is quite a tricky thing, I may add. It is not simple to identify in yourself and your relationship with your child. And honestly speaking I am challenging you to broaden your mind and think out of the box like I mentioned in my introduction.

Please do not mistake this for not putting safety measures for your kids. But even too much of ‘safety measures’ can hinder a child’s growth. Example “don’t climb that stair, you will fall” placing fear in the child may hinder his natural instincts to explore. Another topic for another post.

I believe we love our kids unconditionally when they are born, but it changes over time. Our kids are taken care of when they are little but as they grow older and develop their own identity, which they already have BTW just we find the need to give them an identity to suit what we feel is best for them. The conditions on love get larger as they get older.

If I can explain what does Unconditional Love means to me then possibly you would get a better perspective of where I am coming from. For me to truly unconditionally love my child is to leave my child to develop at her own pace and time and to create a safe space for her to continue her development, for me to leave her to have the rights to her own body, mind and soul, for me to love her EXACTLY how she is, for me to truly understand what TRUST and RESPECT means for my child and largely for me to trust myself so she can be a free person in mind, body, and spirit. My children are born from me, but they are NOT me. We are just the caretakers to making sure their basic needs are met and they are kept [mostly] safe (safety measures are also debatable). In doing so or being this way with my kids, they have the rights to their OWN body and they are able to set and push their own boundaries for themselves.  It is also NOT enforcing MY BELIEF (religion) system on him. Yes, another touchy subject, to explore, but I think it is such an essential one as doctrines generally come with their own conditions of love. This is what unconditionally loving my kids’ means to me.

I can never just talk about unconditional love without addressing Respect and Trust. I like to laugh when I think about the things we were told when growing up, and one of them is, we need to respect our elders. I often just find that so funny. I still hear it every now and then and mostly I do not say anything as I just don’t like confronting people head on (that is why I started blogging, to share my ideologies and opinions in a non-confrontational manner and create conversation in a practical and intelligent way). So tell me again, why do kids have to respect their elders? Just because they are older than us or just because they said so? I often find that people get challenged by my kids just having an opinionated conversation and they get accused of being disrespectful. Respect works both ways, period. Kids learn by example, so if you do not give them respect how are they expected to reciprocate it? You need to respect them as you would respect any other adult or individual. Respect breeds Respect.

Trust I often find that, trusting ourselves to trust our kids is the most important aspect of trust. This also ties back to unconditional love. Trust your child to grow, trust your child to make mistakes, trust your child to learn from his mistakes (and not at the first time either), and trust your child to face challenges. Trust your child to be himself and if he ‘messes ups’ (there is no messing up in my opinion, but you can avoid large chunks of it if you just unconditionally love your child in the first place), YOU LOVE HIM/HER anyway! YOU NEED TO TRUST YOURSELF.

Here are some of the factors that chip away the Unconditional Love, Respect, and Trust.


The first problem I have with schools, we claim to love our kids, but yet we are willing to leave them almost the whole day with a stranger we have never met. Talk about the safety of our kids. I do have regrets of sending my older son to school when I did not know home-schooling was actually an option 15 years ago. A school is a curse and plays the most important role of chipping away into our kids’ self-esteem, confidence, respect, trust, and unconditional love. We put our kids together with other kids and expect them to perform at high levels on all levels, academic, social and creative. They only ever get 45 min in total to play with friends. And my favourite for those that do send their kids to school, oh they play in the class and they do lots of creative stuff and they are free to roam about freely in the class but when this, this and that subjects are taught they are expected to sit down and learn (and I say this with much respect but need to mention this as to make my point and MY thoughts on the subject and by no means expect every parent to be like me). I do not even want to begin to talk about how teachers complain about a child that does not sit down to learn “straight to the Ritalin and off with their heads!” Every child is different yet every child is faced every day with the decision to be better than his classmate to feed the extravagant award system we have in place for our kids. And our kids may associate this with love, “if I do this properly then I would be recognized and loved.” Schools are another whole topic and I cannot cover everything in this post. Schools need to change to Life Learning Centres and we as inhabitants of this earth need to see the urgency of this. Schools are killing our kids and yet no one is doing anything about it. It is indoctrination and still very much part of industrialization. The following points fall under the school system but are extended from the home of the child.


There is no such thing as a naughty child but there is definitely an inquisitive child. We were spanked when we did anything ‘naughty’ when we were growing up and I know how demeaning and hurtful it can be, emotionally specifically. You chip away at the child’s confidence and self-esteem again and equating love to punishment. When I had my first son, I chose to be different but even my ‘different’ methods when I look at it now is emotional blackmail and emotional abuse. A simple thing as putting a child in the ‘naughty corner’ can be devastating for a small child that is predisposed to be a sensitive child. Put yourself in your child’s shoe before exercising any methods of discipline. I often get parents asking me, but what if he doesn’t listen and is now a delinquent teenager. Go back to step one, where did it all start? Have you created a safe and conducive environment for your child to grow and explore on his own? Have you given your child an example of how to be as there is no use instilling all these disciplinary actions on him or her when you yourself drink every weekend? Is being delinquent a way of asking for love and the only way he seems to get the attention he needs is from being destructive? I know it may not be in all cases as there are always exceptions to the rules. The other question you should ask yourself, will you go put an adult in a naughty corner for back chatting? Back chatting really is a very mild example but you would never swear, hit, scream, and shout at another adult, so why do we do it to our kids? Are they not people too? Where are the Unconditional Love, Respect, and Trust in disciplining kids?


The reward system speaks for itself. ‘I get things for doing great stuff.’ Maybe that is the problem with the world, creating greed from reward systems. From all that I have explained so far, I am sure you have already deduced [hopefully] that the reward system is a big fail the three factors represented here. Get 100% in school and you get a reward for it. Get abused by a child abuser, it is ok; he has rewarded me with a sweet. I am sorry but this is the extent our society has taken things. Of course, according to psychology, there are many benefits of the reward system but it only works if the CHILD himself immerses himself in it for HIS OWN personal growth.


This will not fly very well with most religious people and that is ok. I understand every household is different and we all have an idea of what a balanced lifestyle looks like. But unfortunately, religion and doctrines do not fall under the umbrella of Life Learning or abides by the 3 precepts; Unconditional Love, Trust, and Respect. It is NOT child reared or interest-driven. It is very much parents and family rules and regulations driven. A child does not need to be indoctrinated by fallacies and what your concept of spirituality is. He will explore this on his own; it is very personal to him. If he decides to follow you in your footsteps, he should do so, as long as it comes from him. Religion has so many fears and so many rules about what unconditional love, respect, and trust looks like. ‘Sure, let’s trust the Catholic priests with our sons, which should turn out just fine!’  ‘Let’s be really great citizens and God will love us and send us to heaven.’ Doctrines are the worst suppressants of emotions that I have ever come across. There is no room for expression nor, is there no room for growth as we all need to be and do well all the time, so our next lives will be better. So tell me again why we can’t leave our kids to find the path that fits them. Oh, wait! We love our kids and we do not want them to be damned to hell. There is that condition right there!


I think expectations are probably one of those things that nobody is really aware of but is there and it also ties in with all of the above. We expect our child to walk by a certain age, so we push our kids. We expect them to do well in school so we put rewards and discipline in place. We expect our kids to do a lot of things but yet they must be punished for a lot of things they don’t do.

I believe many of our problems eating disorders like anorexia and obesity, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, premature sex and much more stems from the simple fact that we do not Unconditionally Love, Respect and Trust our kids. And I know many of you may say, but I do have all of this 3 qualities for my kids, and I believe you, but you would need to have all of the above conditions removed to really experience and fully be aware of what it is really like to bask in the glory of kids and watch your masterpiece unfold without any interference, placing it in the right environment to blossom naturally.  It really is a work of art.

A flower never thinks of competing with the flower next to it, it just blooms AND when the flower does not bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows not the flower. (Author unknown)

I would like to conclude by saying, I am still learning and by no means the perfect parent, but I do have to mention that my kids are free kids, free to be themselves most importantly. Whenever I knew better, I strived to accomplish better. I think there may be more factors but I think the others may stem from these sources.








What Is Life Learning

We are all born with the gift of learning, which is instinctive and intuitive. A simple action of a baby sucking their thumb in utero is proof of the natural learning process. It does not happen by accident either, as research has discovered that baby in utero is anticipating the thumb entering his mouth so he opens his mouth before he can actually stick his thumb in it. Every moment a baby is in utero time is taken up by growing, developing, learning, and changing. There are numerous things a baby learns in utero, deciding which sounds, smells, and tastes they like without much influence of the outside world. This is naturally continued after you are born until the outside world tells you differently.

I played classical music for both my kids when I was pregnant with them, but it did not make them necessarily love classical music later on in life after they were born. This shows that we are all born with this individuality and of being different and when not tampered with we can decide for ourselves, our likes and dislikes and what is best for us as an individual.

I am always amused as how parents tend to take credit for teaching their kids to walk and talk.  No one teaches us these fundamental developments through different stages of our life. Like in Utero they learn at their own pace. What babies do, though, is mimic their surroundings and learn through their six senses with their sixth sense being instinct/intuition.

Humans have a natural curiosity to learn so we develop physiologically, psychologically and intellectually. Learning is a natural side effect of all human activity and is self-initiated and self-motivated. We learn in different ways and develop differently from our peers and at different rates in all areas of our life. So why are we put in a box and forced to learn the same way as everyone else?

Another astounding humorous human condition is, we spend the first two years of our child’s life encouraging/waiting for them to walk and talk and the next 16 years of their life confined to a box where you have to shut up! Sit still! And Listen!

Take a few moments to digest this…….

As parents we love unconditionally, trust and make sure our kid’s basic needs are met. We create a safe environment for them and mostly keep them protected from harm’s way.

What happened to these essentials, unconditional love, trust, basic needs, and security?

Unconditional love is something we stop having when we start having expectations of our children and base their lives on a reward system for ‘Good Behaviour’. Yes, I know, you probably going to lash at me for undermining your love for your child, but I challenge you to think deeply about this, about what unconditional love actually means?

What happened to those first few years where we trusted our kids to learn and grow at their own pace?  What happened to TRUSTING our kids? Trust stops happening when we start telling them what to do!

Basic needs go beyond just shelter, clothing and food. We have taken away their basic need to just play. We have taken their basic need to explore and have confined them to 45min break for the entire day.

Then we have taken their sense of security away by leaving them with some stranger they do not even know, for most of their waking time very early stages of their life. BTW – This stranger we trust, but goodness forbid if we trust our own kids!

I want you to take a look at these two photos. One is childhood in a modern day school gathering of kids and the other is childhood and child labour in the industrial revolution.


If you see a difference in these two photos then I challenge you to stretch your mind and explore the idea of the similarities of these photos. I can see the difference in their physical attire, but I see no difference from a psychological and soulful (mental) point of view. Children where slaves to the system then, and are still slaves to the system now!!!

Everything else around us has evolved

Telephones have evolved to cellphones and our mode of transport from the horse and cart has evolved too, possibly be introduced into the market in the near future, the Uber self-driving cars.

So why have we not evolved from schools to learning centres that have all the resources for our kids to self-direct their learning and spend more time free playing? Why haven’t we evolved from teachers to facilitators? Why is our schools been run by adults and not adults and the children? Why is democracy not displayed with our kids? Are they not the future of our world? So let me get this, we want a democratic world but will not exercise this democracy with our own kids? Charity begins at home or should I say democracy begins at home!

Let us hop onto those hobbies we/kids have, (DO NOT let go of them). Hobbies are 100% interest driven and generally it takes a back seat because there are more ‘important’ things, dictated to you, that need to be done, before we can actually sit down to do something we truly enjoy. If you are enjoying something, does it mean you are not learning? Sadly, it is the disease of our society to make you feel guilty about enjoyment.

The good news is we have started revolutionising the way we interact with young people. There are growing numbers of families who have recognised and adopted the life learning philosophy. Many more are considering this way of life. Not only is it practical, it eliminates the consumerism of education and exposes the debt trap you are handed over once you have graduated.  These parents are identifying that children have an innate curiosity and intuition to learn without the boundaries implicated on them in traditional school systems. It is also recognised that standardising a child is ludicrous, as no individuals are the same. So sitting in a classroom learning the exact same thing as your peers, who are the exact same ages as you, to produce the exact same results is definitely absurd. Life Learning appreciates that you learn differently from your peers.

So what is Life Learning?

Life learning is an educational method and philosophy that advocates learner-chosen activities as a primary means for learning. In other words, trust your child!

Commonly known as…

Unschooling, Free Range Learning and other tags.

Life Learning has been a personal journey for my family and me.

We had our minds expanded to levels that we did not even think was possible. We eventually unwound the fear and slowly peeled away the layers of indoctrination and beliefs of we need someone to teach us in order for us to learn. We started enjoying the wonderment of life curing the disease of we are not learning if we are enjoying something. We got to experience the true meaning of living in the NOW! We take a topic that interest us and are able to delve into the depths of it and dissect it to our hearts content until we feel we have absorbed everything about that topic, without having to worry to waste a minute on anything else.

The depth of conversations I have with my own kids, I have never in my entire life have had with any adult, up to date! I rejoice in the uniqueness in each of them and love watching them being who they truly are. By the way, deep and profound conversations about life and all that is, is a natural almost daily or weekly occurrence in my home.

What happens when we bring our kids up with trust and unconditional love?

  • They get to be WHO YOU REALLY ARE.
  • They will become independent individuals who know what is best for them.
  • They will become Masters of their own Mind, Body and Soul/Heart
  • They will create their OWN boundaries and likewise push their OWN boundaries
  • They will carry this Life Learning Thinking throughout their life as they will know learning is a by-product of ANY activity.
  • They will begin to discover their own personal potential.
  • They become passionately involved in what interests them.
  • They will expand their mind to understand that a graduation is not a destination
  • They will experience joy and happiness more, as they will be doing more of what they enjoy opposed to being forced to do what they don’t enjoy.

The beauty of Life Learning is, it can be adopted at any age from in utero till end of your life’s journey.

We live in the digital age of Information with the World Wide Web at our fingertips so it does not make sense for schools anymore. There are many Massive Open Online Courses and a Tuition-Free University, where you can learn just about anything for free., EDx, Coursera, Youtube, khan academy, Free Code Camp, University of the People, to name a few of these online resources.

Swaraj University in India is a Life Learning University. Their students design their own learning for two years and are helped to be placed in the practical work place to learn and build their own portfolio.

Schools in Finland have done away with homework and exams till kids are well into their teens. Sudbury, Waldorf and Steve Jobs Schools are alternative systems that allow for child-directed activities.

Big Organizations, such as Google and EY, are beginning to change the way they view education. They have started to employ interest driven people rather than someone that has just finished their degree.

This article is just the broader aspect of what Life Learning is. I will be tackling more detailed experiences and topics in future blogpost.